The Iota Project
A VR Mech destruction game!

Developer: DreamSail Games

Platform: PC VR(Rift, Vive)

Neil Sveri
That's me!

Engines Unity, Unreal Engine, Love2D, HTML5 canvas

Languages: C#, C++, Javscript (Browser / NodeJS), Python, Lua, Java, Perl(?)

Skills: Programming, Design, AR/VR/MR, Web Dev, Prototyping, Shaders, 3D, Admiring cats

Hello! I'm Neil!

I'm a game programmer and designer, and I've been making games for about 6-7 years now. In that time, I've made a bunch of things, and I've collected them all here for you to take a look at.

All those years ago, I was a high school student with no career goals and way too much time to play Minecraft. One night, while killing time on a server, my friend tells me about Python, saying that it was an easy way to learn programming. I had never even thought about programming before, so I opened up a tutorial and got started. Then I blacked out for a week, and when I awoke, my computer was overflowing with python scripts. Scripts that talked to you, scripts that played football, scripts that made random names. I was immediately hooked, thinking night and day about what I could accomplish.

Soon after I started branching out to new languages, learning everything I could. And soon enough, my path crossed into games. I was pointed to a game jam being organized on reddit, and there I made my first real game, "Asteroid Avoider", in the tedious blender game engine. The game was simple, but seeing my code run and function like a real game gave me a sense of pride I had never experienced in my work before. Games were what I was destined to do.

From there, we fast forward a few years. I got heavy into the Unity engine, making a bunch of small projects as I taught myself how to design a game from the ground up. I eventually went to my first in-person game jam, where I met my friends and collaborators from Studio Mercato. Creating games with them lead to my first full time job as a founding member of DreamSail Games, where I, for 3 wonderful years, built games as both a programmer and designer with some of the most talented people I have ever met.

So that's where I'm at today. Who knows what's next? Whatever it is, I'll probably be making games!

Or dead!